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St Christopher Roman Catholic Parish

RCIA – Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Are you thinking of learning more about the Catholic faith, or become a Catholic?

Were you raised in the Catholic faith but have not received First Communion and /or Confirmation? and would like to?

If so, we invite you to “COME AND SEE!”

Join in our interactive weekly sessions;
Deepen your understanding of what it means to be a Catholic Christian centred in the life of Jesus Christ;
Have the opportunity to ask questions.


The Process

A group of parishioners, women and men, led by an experienced lay leader will welcome you and provide information, support and encouragement on your journey of faith. Our meetings are informal and friendly, and include:

Group sessions to explore key concepts of the Catholic faith and their relevance to our lives;
Prayer, scripture readings and time for personal reflection;
A tour of our church to see its various parts and explore their functions and symbolic meanings;
Videos and guest speakers to explore particular topics;
Participation by the parish priests;
Opportunities to meet other parishioners;
Invitation to participate in St. Christopher activities to help others;
Participation in Sunday Mass. Your experience of worshiping God with us shapes your understanding of what it means to live as a Catholic Christian.


Call the parish office at 905-822-1171 or email

What happens then?

An initial meeting with the pastoral coordinator will be arranged to discuss your particular interests and wishes and further explain the process;
We will invite and encourage you to join us for Sunday Mass;
You will be invited to attend our Tuesday evening sessions.